[OPE-L:5233] RE: ideal vs real value

Tue, 10 Jun 1997 12:01:46 -0700 (PDT)

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IMO, the key idea in your argument is not to isolate production from
exchange so that commodity exchange reveals the magnitude of socially
necessary labor in a price. Yet, I appreciated your comment in an earlier
post that the producer anticipates exchange in organizing production.
Wouldn't you say that production is already social because of the
anticipation? Isn't it true that producers are aware of world standards of
production TIME and that this is a measure of value magnitude in production.
Further, the overriding social necessity of capitalist production is to
extract unpaid hours of labor. The goal isn't to produce for the sake of
consumption , a demand theory of value, but for the sake of production
through which value gets bigger. I think of social necessity "for capital"
as being different from social necessity for human consumption. So I have
two points: 1. SNLT is already social in production and is not isolated and
thus requiring the market to become social.
2. Sellling is not "the" problem for value production, extraction of unpaid
labor time is the foremost necessity. Finally, on a general level, I like
the idea of overcoming isolation. So much of the dialectic of human freedom
in capitalism is in breaking down our isolation from one another in order to
reach the point where the condition for the freedom of each is the condition
for the freedom of all and the greatest wealth is the other person, i.e.,
the relationship of human beings.

Ted M.