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I know that your Borgean-Marxian Library is really infinite!!

1. In Spanish, Kuhne's book is edited in 4 volumes. In Vol 3 there is
a chapter called "Money and Credit". In section 2 of this chapter,
there is a part called "The theory of shadow-money and the
unjustified charge of metalism" (or something like that; Im
"translating" from the Spanish version). Near the beginning, Kuhne
cites a passage of Grundrisse (which is on p. 144 of Penguin) and,
then, another passage that I cannot identify (probably from Chapter
25 or 26 of Capital III). I cannot identify it because, in the
Spanish version, footnotes are in Vol 4 of Kuhne's book, which I dont
have. The passage in question reads something like that:

"The whole history of modern industry tells us that, if the interior
production would be organized, precious metals would be actually
necessary only to balance out the international trade during
momentary disequilibria..." (The passage follows but I will not
"translate" it.)

I think the text could be useful in the interesting thread by Claus,
Duncan, Paul C. and Allin.

2. I have also found very relevant the discussion by Kuhne in Vol. I
regarding what he calls the "second transformation problem": actually,
the dynamics of the relation money/labor-time. Here, Kuhne gives us
what could be some antecedents of the notion of "vintages" discussed
sometime ago on the list, and put forward by Duncan and (it seems) by
Dumenil and Levy.

It seems that this notion is proposed by a couple of French authors
of the 50s: J. Marchal and J. Lecaillon, La Repartition du Revenu
National, Vol 3: Le Modele Classique-Le Modele Marxiste, Paris, 1958.
Kuhne also mentions Solow's "Growth Theory".

Perhaps Duncan and Andrew could be interested on this, and Suzanne
knows something about Marchal and Lecaillon.

3. I wait for the reference of the above-mentioned passage!

Alejandro R.
> Does someone on the list have the book by Karl Kuhne, "Economics
> and Marxism", London, MacMillan, 1979?
> Ale:
> Yes, I have it. What do you want to know precisely?
> Regards, Jerry