[OPE-L:5183] Re: Censoring Ajit?

Ajit Sinha (ecas@cc.newcastle.edu.au)
Thu, 5 Jun 1997 00:26:46 -0700 (PDT)

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I have noticed that there was a typo error in my last equations, which must
be obvious to everybody, but still I would like to correct it. the equations
read as:

>5(1+r) = 12x (1)
>7(1+r) = 12y (2)

It should obviously read as:

5(1+r) = 12Px (1)
7(1+r) = 12Py (2)

This gives us: Px = 5/7 Py

Sorry for any inconvenience. Cheers, ajit sinha