Gerald Levy (glevy@pratt.edu)
Wed, 4 Jun 1997 11:05:10 -0700 (PDT)

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Wednesday, 9:15 A.M. (EST)


A) Listproc is not down (i.e. off-line), but is processing requests,
including posts, *very* slowly. According to Kevin Blatt, the Server
Manager at California State University (CSU), Networking was down for
maintenance over the weekend and queueing occurred. On Monday, posts
appeared in batches late in the day and posts sent Tuesday A.M. have not
been posted yet at the time that I am writing this post. Hopefully, this
situation will be fixed and we will return to normal soon. Please do not
re-send posts.

B) Listproc is scheduled for an upgrade of both hardware and software
soon. Kevin hasn't told the list "owners", though, when this will occur
precisely and for how long we will be off-line. I'll let you know when I
receive more information.

C) When you leave for vacation and/or conferences, you can postpone your
mail yourself by sending a message to:


with the subject line of "SET" and a body content of (ONLY):


When you return, you can re-set your mail to again receive messages, by
sending a message to listproc that reads:


You can then pick-up the missing posts through the WWW archives (see
below) or, if you don't have access to the WWW, I can forward the
"missing" posts to you upon request.

D). If you stop receiving posts, you should let me know immediately. The
causes, generally, occur when either your server was off-line and/or when
your mail was "undeliverable." In some cases, listproc will automatically
unsubscribe you. In that case, I have to re-subscribe you. In other cases,
listproc will set your mail to "postpone" and the mail then has to be
re-set to "ack" by either the subscriber or myself (see C)).

E). You have probably noticed that I occasionally forward posts
to the list that were sent by members. This occurs when listproc notifies
me that it has rejected a message for one of the following reasons:

i) "sent by non-subscriber" -- we are a closed list and only subscribers
can post to the list. What this means, more precisely, is that you must
*send your post from the address to which you are subscribed*. Thus, if
you have more than one address, you must either send the message from the
address to which you are subscribed or be subscribed to multiple addresses
(in the latter case, it is possible to set one or more of your addresses
to "postpone" so you don't receive duplicate copies of all posts). Another
circumstance occurs when *your own server or provider* changes your
address. In that case, as well, the remedy is the same.

ii) "checksum" -- when a post has been sent that resembles too closely
previous posts which have been delivered, listproc rejects the message. A
judicious use of excerpting is the best prevention.

F). If you ever have any "technical" problems receiving or sending OPE-L
mail, please contact me.

In solidarity, Jerry

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