[OPE-L:5040] Re: Production and Circulation

riccardo bellofiore (bellofio@cisi.unito.it)
Fri, 16 May 1997 01:22:14 -0700 (PDT)

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At 14:54 -0700 15-05-1997, Michael Williams wrote:
>> What is meant by the intersection of production and exchange ? What is
>> e
>> intersection of day and night ? Is it morning or evening ? In the case of
>> the production and exchange, what is meant by the intersection? This is a
>> very vague terminology, IMO.
>I think I introduced it into the discussion, and it is a bit vague (mea
>maxima culpa). Day and night do not (even discounting the fuzziness of dawn
>and dusk) 'intersect'. They touch. However, I do not need this bit of vague
>terminology, being happy with the precise notion that Value is constituted
>in the contradictory unity of production and exchange that is Commodity
>circulation. How's that?

Much clearer. Thanks.