[OPE-L:4985] Re: The Death of Paolo Freire

Gerald Levy (glevy@pratt.edu)
Tue, 13 May 1997 05:50:35 -0700 (PDT)

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I have a minor suggestion: In honor of the passing of Paolo Freire, I
propose that we endeavor to make this thread into one of the "major
topics" [20 or more posts] discussed this month.

It seems to me that, while we had a separate thread on "How to teach
CAPITAL" [December, 1996; April, 1997], we haven't really yet discussed
*pedagogy* from a socialist perspective. In other words, we haven't
really discussed our general perspectives and *practice* re classroom
(and outside of the classroom) learning and the relationship between
"teachers" and students from a socialist and working-class perspective.

I think such a discussion would be very valuable, especially for some of
the younger listmembers who are relatively new to teaching, and would be
a fitting tribute to Paolo Freire. I also believe that: a) "old dogs"
(i.e. teachers) can learn new "tricks", i.e. all of us who teach can
improve their teaching and can benefit from the experience of others
(particularly those coming from a shared political perspective); and b)
[sadly], there is frequently a gulf among radicals between *what* is
taught and *how* one teaches, i.e. very "radical" faculty often teach
using very conservative teaching methods. I also believe that such a
discussion might have the added benefit of providing a welcome
opportunity for those of you who have been silent recently to join in
with your "2 cents."

In solidarity, Jerry