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Gerald Levy (glevy@pratt.edu)
Fri, 18 Apr 1997 13:15:33 -0700 (PDT)

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Claus Magno Germer, a Professor of Economics at the Universide Federal Do
Parana in Brazil, is our newest listmate. He teaches in the same department
as Francisco P. Cipolla (introduced yesterday) and also presented a paper
at the IWGVT mini-conference in Washington, D.C. Like Paolo, he
impressed a number of listmembers who recommended him highly for our

In the following, Claus describes his background, writings, and research


About myself: I took my PhD in 1995 at the State University of Campinas
(Unicamp), a State of Sao Paulo sponsored University. My dissertation
would have the English title of "Money, capital and credit money - money
in Marx's theory". During the time I was attending the PhD classes and
working on the dissertation, I had two papers published, whose titles in

- "Credit money in Marx's theory of money" -in Revista de Economia, n.
17, 1993, an economic journal of the Federal University of Parana;

- "Credit system and fictitious capital in Marx's theory", in Ensaios
FEE, v. 15, n. 1, 1994, an economic journal published by an economic
research agency in the State Rio Grande do Sul;

and following other papers:

- "International economy in the 80's: financial globalization,
technological revolution and macroeconomic coordination", in which I
was one of three authors, in Revista de Economia, n. 18;

- "'Monetary economy' or 'capitalist economy'? Marx and Keynes about the
nature of capitalism" - in Estudos Econômicos, Dec. 1996, Special
Issue, by the School of Economics at the University of Sao Paulo -
selection of papers presented at the I National Conference of
Classical and Political Economy (6/1996);

- "Money dealing capital as connection between productive capital and
banker credit in Marx's theory", paper presented at the XXIV National
Economics Conference, dec. 1996.

- the paper I presented at the Mini-Conference is, so far, my first paper
in English.

As you see, I have been working on Marx's theory about money, credit
money and credit. I am involved in the initial steps of a research
project about this subject, which additionally attempts to confront Marx's
theory about the process of credit generation, to the post-Keynesian
endogenous approach. This last point I have in common with Francisco
Paolo's research interests.

I teach Political Economy at the undergraduate course of Economics, which
ranges from the Physiocrats, through Smith, Ricardo, to Marx along two
years, also the same course Francisco teaches. At the graduate course I
am going to start a course in finance, hopefully this year.

I have had a long experience in agricultural economics - I took my
masters in Agricultural Economics and wrote several papers and research
reports about it. I made much reading about Marx's theory of the
ground-rent, wrote a few research reports and papers about the subject. I
am no more involved in this, but am also not completely free from it.
Last year a wrote a little paper about a controversy that is being
discussed in the agrarian circles in Brazil about the "future of family
farm" in capitalist agriculture, whose title would be in English: "The
practical irrelevance of 'family' farming for employment in agriculture".

I hope this provides a picture of what I have been doing and what my
research interests are. I apologize for my poor English, but hope to
improve it quickly.


No, there is no need to apologize. Your English is excellent!

As for improving your ability to write in English, may I suggest
jumping into the discussion and writing a post? :-)

We now have 5 members in Brazil and 53 members overall.

Claus: Welcome aboard!

In solidarity, Jerry