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Very brief responses to some points Jerry makes:

> Yet, in the book "self-production" and the dialectic of "sociation and
> "dissociation" is the "abstract link to the starting point of our
> presentation" (p. 55). That is, the value-form itself is first grounded
> "self-production.", right?

Yes, but in the interests of methodological 'historical specificity' we
are keen to identify the start of the systematic presentation as the start
of the presentation *of the bourgeois epoch*. The categories you refer to
are trans-historical. We are interested in the specifically bourgeois mode
of 'self-production'.

>> We also hinted only at the problem of the World
> >Economy and many Nation States.

>Interesting. Perhaps you would agree that these subjects within a
>systematic dialectical presentation need to be more than "hinted" at?

Of course.

>Within a systematic dialectical presentation, how would you go about
>ordering the more concrete determinations of these subjects?

Not in advance of creating the presentation. A dialectical systematic
presentation is not a Friedmanian filing system into which categories are
to be sorted.

>I don't quite get the point you are alluding to re "shades of New
>Labour!". "New Labour" what?

Sorry, that aside was too culturally specific 'New Labour' refers to the
British Labour Party reincarnated by Tony Blair and his cronies as a sort
of neo-liberal party with a few vaguely christian-socialist and Etzioni
type communalist sentiments about how awful the necessary results of the
implementation of neo-liberal politics are, backed up by a firm commitment
not to devote any resources to alleviating these results. But I shall vote
for them anyway.

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