[OPE-L:4633] Skilled labor( Re: Four-cornered triangle)

Iwao Kitamur (ikita@st.rim.or.jp)
Tue, 1 Apr 1997 07:48:45 -0800 (PST)

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I think I should make my thought clearer.

Michael wrote in [4620]:
>Iwao, I have seen the argument made both ways: the scaler represents the
>quantity of training or the extra productivity. The training solution
>runs into the same problem as the problem of measuring constant

I don't take the two arguments above - the scaler represents the quantity
of training or the extra productivity. I assert that the scalar represents
the quantity of physiological expenditure of human power that isn't neccesary
propotional to productivity.

Let me take a simple example that 100 workers work for a branch. For simplicity,
assume no constant capital.

case 1. 100 workers are all simple laborers and each produce 10 units/hour.
if $10 expresses 1 hour simple labor, a unit is valued at 1$.

case 2. 50 simple laborers and 50 "skiiled" laborers produce the same goods.
A skilled laborer produces 20 units/hour and his/her physiological expenditure
of human power per hour is 40% more than a simple laborer.
In an hour, all of them produce 1500 units (50 by simple laborers and 100 by
skilled ones) and they amount to $1200 (500 by simple laborer and 700 by
skiiled ones). A unit must be valued at $0.8.
Then a skilled laborer *apparently* produces $0.8*20units/hour=$16/hour while
a simple laborer produces $0.8*10=$8/hour. The intensity of the former looks
like doulbled as the latter though actual increase in intensity for a skilled laborer
was 40%.

If the training costs capitalists $10,000 for each worker, they don't employ
more skilled laborers unless they can continue to use them 1,250 hours
(=$10,000/($16-$8)). The (expected?) increase in portion of skilled workers
will increase this boundary.

>Suppose that I am trained to have a skill that his specific to
>the production of slide rules. For a number of years, my training is
>validated by the realization of value by the slide rule makers.
>Suddenly, with electronic calculators, my training is less valuable.

I try to answer to the above tomorrow. It's time for me to go to bed.
Good night!