[OPE-L:4545] Defend Paul and Allin's Marxism

Alan Freema (a.freeman@greenwich.ac.uk)
Wed, 26 Mar 1997 12:55:08 -0800 (PST)

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Re Allin's [4518] and Paul's [4536],


What I wrote [4517] was this:

Ajit demurs. Most other 'New Interpretation'
supporters have still to express a view. David I know
disagrees. Paul and Allin have never agreed. I am not sure
about Ian, or other newer members. We owe it to them to
establish the clear *theoretical* basis of our agreement,
or they will be fighting a constantly moving target.

Sorry if this didn't make it clear enough. The last thing I want
to do is deny your position. On the contrary, I think it is
in our mutual interest to get the clearest possible statement
of our differences which is why I wanted to draw out the clearly
held common position on 'our side of the fence'. As I say, I
also thought this would be fairer to you because it gives you a
fixed target to shoot at.

What I am concerned to do is to ensure that the views
on both sides of these differences are recognised as genuine
theoretical positions.

I think most of the heat in economics starts when someone
either tries to rule a position out of court as unsustainable,
or judge its truth on the basis of who is saying it, or how it is said,
instead of what it says. If I do any of these, say so and I'll put it right.