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Wed, 26 Mar 1997 03:36:44 -0800 (PST)

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In ope-l 4535, Ajit S wrote:

> I decided to forward this letter to the list because it belongs here. First
> of all, I did not get the message to follow the "high road", and if I had
> gotten it I would have done the same as others did. Secondly, this is the
> same man who put out a letter on the list saying that there is 1 man
> (obvious reference to me) on the list who has tendency to react aggresively,
> and Andrew should watch out for that. At this time I had not said a word on
> the list my dear fellows! Jerry, you are a control freak. And thats why you
> are one of the most unpopular man on all the lists you are on. Im glad that
> you dont have any real power in life. Otherwise, you would have made many
> people absolutely miserable. I have no patience for your insults and anal
> retentive lecturing anymore. So feel free to lock me out of your little
> house of terror you are running here, where your children dont mind being
> continusly told to keep their shoes polished and tie ironed. The fact of the
> matter is that you really have nothing substantive to say on substantial
> issues, so you keep yourself busy with whose shoes are polished and whose
> are not all the time. So lock me out, because thats the only way you can
> save yourself and your theoretical friends from my criticisms-- its making
> you too nervous isnt it? Disgustingly, ajit sinha

I think the above is COMPLETELY OUT OF PLACE. My English is not
enough "to comment" this, but I think the procedure (e.g. to put a
private letter on the net) is very unloyal.

References to "anal retentive lecturing" and "nothing substantive to
say" seem to me vulgar insults out of any content and lacking
imagination. I am wondering what is the Ajit's purpose to be here.

Of course I have never felt here in a "House of Terror" (!!) or
"polishing my shoes", etc. etc. (Is anybody on the list feeling so?)

Regarding Ajit's criticisms, all I have read until now have been
already put forward here EXCELLENTLY, for example by Paul Cockshott
and Allin Cottrell, in many posts, without recoursing to Ajit's
"fireworks". All this has been already discussed and, of course,
there is no agreement but this does not seem relevant to me:
People here is trying to THINK, not to "make marketing of labels" (I
hope Paul and Allin will not solidarise with Ajit's "style", but
frankly I find this impossible.)

I find all this very unfortunate.

Last word: My solidarity with you, Jerry!

Alejandro Ramos