[OPE-L:4535] culture

Ajit Sinh (ecas@cc.newcastle.edu.au)
Wed, 26 Mar 1997 00:01:16 -0800 (PST)

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>> Jerry, you sound like the head master of some stupid school who all the kids
>> love to hate. You got to lighten up a bit man! We are all adults here. Don't
>> keep giving us lecture on "culture" and what is the most enlightening way of
>> debate etc. We know how to talk, okay. Cheers, ajit sinha
>No, it's not OK.
>I sent you a private message some time ago after Andrew K's flame
>suggesting that you take the "high road." You blew off my suggestion. Then
>flames ensued. Then Alan entered the picture riding in defense of Andrew.
>Then I sent a private message to Alan, Andrew and you. Alan and you blew
>off my suggestion. Hence, more flames.
>Granted, what passes for a flame on OPE-L wouldn't pass for one on other
>lists. But, we have -- with *very rare* exceptions -- avoided flaming for
>the first year-and-a-half of our existence. And I intend to keep it that
>way. OK?
>I suggest you take a look at the archives from previous months. You will
>get a feel for what is possible when we avoid flaming.
>This is the third time that I've had to address you privately about this
>matter. Please show me that I was right in listening to the listmembers
>who recommended you for membership.
>Regards, Jerry
>PS: for your info, in the last 18 months this is only the 3rd time that
>someone has challenged me re moderating. The other two complaints came
>from Alan and Andrew K. You may not perceive it as such but I intervened
>on your behalf to preserve a space for you to state your perspectives
>without flaming.

I decided to forward this letter to the list because it belongs here. First
of all, I did not get the message to follow the "high road", and if I had
gotten it I would have done the same as others did. Secondly, this is the
same man who put out a letter on the list saying that there is 1 man
(obvious reference to me) on the list who has tendency to react aggresively,
and Andrew should watch out for that. At this time I had not said a word on
the list my dear fellows! Jerry, you are a control freak. And that's why you
are one of the most unpopular man on all the lists you are on. I'm glad that
you don't have any real power in life. Otherwise, you would have made many
people absolutely miserable. I have no patience for your insults and anal
retentive lecturing anymore. So feel free to lock me out of your little
house of terror you are running here, where your children don't mind being
continusly told to keep their shoes polished and tie ironed. The fact of the
matter is that you really have nothing substantive to say on substantial
issues, so you keep yourself busy with whose shoes are polished and whose
are not all the time. So lock me out, because that's the only way you can
save yourself and your theoretical friends from my criticisms-- it's making
you too nervous isn't it? Disgustingly, ajit sinha