[OPE-L:4512] Re: Givens in Marx's Theory -- and beyond

Gerald Lev (glevy@pratt.edu)
Mon, 24 Mar 1997 10:12:48 -0800 (PST)

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Alejandro R wrote in [OPE-L:4510]:

> Well, I dont know if, for you, I "drop" in this rather obscure
> "field" called "TSS perspective" but regarding the important thing,
> you can see my post #3801 which began an interesting (for me) debate
> with Fred (see #3840, and Duncan's #3891) about in which sense
> "givens" in Marx's theory are "money magnitudes".

My point was that Fred's position on "givens" has basically only been
discussed re: a) the single-system vs. dual system debate; b) relatedly,
comparison to "New Interpretation"; c) relation to "MEV" and profit rate
calculation. By discussing those themes it seems to be that we have been
discussing the _similarities_ in perspective between Fred's interpretation
and the TSS interpretations -- but not the _differences_ in
interpretation re "givens."

The issues that I believe deserve greater discussion are methodological --
namely, the perspective that the fundamental quantities in _Capital_ are
"given" and the _implications_ of that perspective. To get an idea of what
I saw as some issues worth discussing re this topic see [3698] and Fred's
response [3715].

In solidarity, Jerry