[OPE-L:4497] Re: Sraffa: a Marxist economist?

riccardo bellofior (bellofio@cisi.unito.it)
Sun, 23 Mar 1997 02:47:47 -0800 (PST)

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At 6:45 22-03-1997, Gerald Levy wrote:
>* _If_ we accept the proposition that Marx, who was "influenced" by
> Ricardo, was a Ricardian, _then_ it is easier for us to accept the
> correlary that later Ricardians (like Bortkiewicz, Dimitriev,
> Sraffa), who were "influenced" by Marx, were "Marxists."
>* If we reject the above proposition that Marx was a Ricardian, then it
> is much harder for us to accept the correlary.
>* Of course, there were many non-Marxists who were "influenced" by Marx.
> Wasn't Leontief, a marginalist, also influenced by Marx? Would that
> make him a Marxist as well? Weren't a lot of the institutionalists
> "influenced" by Marx? Would that make them all Marxists as well?
>In solidarity, Jerry

No: my point is simply that if one - say, Sraffa; or some Sraffians -
believe that between Ricardo and Marx there is strong continuity, and that
he is resolving, or putting the premises to solve (in his own way) the
difficulties present in both Ricardo and Marx, I would accept a
characterization of this guy as Marxist, *in this sense*, even if I agree
on all yours three points. After that, I may criticize their reading of
Marx, etc.


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