[OPE-L:4492] Re: Sraffa: a Marxist economist?

Seongjin Jeon (seongjin@gshp.gsnu.ac.kr)
Sat, 22 Mar 1997 05:28:00 -0800 (PST)

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Dear Alan:

A few questions about your characterization of Sraffa as a Marxist.
Do you think 'Simultaneous Marxism,' which you severely criticized in
your recent articles, can be classified as a kind of Marxism?
If so, you may think that it is meaningless to draw a line between the
real revolutionary Marxism and pseudo Marxism. Is that right?
In other words, you may agree with the allegation of so-called postmodern
Marxists that there exist multiple Marxisms.
However, I think that Sraffa is the very person who provided the most
fertile ground for 'Simultaneous Marxism' or Neo-Ricardian distortion of
Marxism to thrive?

In Solidarity
Seongjin Jeong