[OPE-L:4490] Re: Sraffa: a Marxist economist?

riccardo bellofior (bellofio@cisi.unito.it)
Sat, 22 Mar 1997 04:48:05 -0800 (PST)

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At 8:48 21-03-1997, aramos@aramos.bo wrote:

>Neither wished Jorge de Burgos to burn the 2nd part of the "Poetic".
>But he wanted to be the **only one** who can read it. He burned
>the book (and the Library that, I think, was near Bergamo!!) only in
>the desperate situation imposed by the investigations carried out by
>Fra Baskerville-Bellofiore.

May be Baskerville is Potier.

>So, in this context is perfectly
>possible that Sraffa (friend of Gramsci) said that he was Marxist and
>that his HONEST purpose was to develop Marx's theoretical project.

So what? This made him buy (and read, and comment) a lot of books about
Marx, and make careful work about him, also wth the intention to answering
bourgeouis criticisms.

If from description we go to valuation - which is what Aijt made - I would
describe him as aMarxist. But that's another issue altogether.

>That is all. I also think that Sraffa's work opened a discussion that
>is still running and that has contributed very much to clarify Marx's
>work. In this sense he deserves our admiration.
>Saluti compagno,
>ci vediamo a Washington.
>Alejandro R.
>P.S. Talking about lost books, burned Libraries, etc. I remember to
>have read something about the fact that Sraffa was, for many years,
>the only one in "Western" countries who had a copy of the Russian
>edition of Dimitriev's book. Perhaps in Nuti's edition of Dimitriev?

No, he had original editions, mostly. But many were stolen when Sraffa was
old, and sick, by visitors (I would suspect especially the Italians).
Neverthelesse, the books that remain testify of a wonderful collection. In
Cambridge is it also possible to consult his personal library.

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