[OPE-L:4480] produced and realized surplus-value

Fred Mosele (fmoseley@laneta.apc.org)
Fri, 21 Mar 1997 07:43:19 -0800 (PST)

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Mike and Jerry and Paul C.,

I am afraid that I am leaving town today for a week or so and have run out
of time to return to the discussion of the production and realization of
surplus-value. I think that this is a very important topic, which I hope to
return to as soon as possible, but realistically it will probably be after
Washington. It is a big topic and will take some time.

I think we have some disagreements about the interpretation of Volume 2 (and
also with Mike over circulation costs at the beginning of Volume 3), but
these differences may not turn out to be too great. But I think there are
fundamental differences between Marx and Kalecki that I would like to
explore with you as soon as I can. My basic reference on this issue is
Mattick's critique of Keynes and the "limits of the mixed economy."

Thanks for your patience.