[OPE-L:4426] IWGVT Papers

Alan Freema (a.freeman@greenwich.ac.uk)
Tue, 18 Mar 1997 10:07:21 -0800 (PST)

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Dear all

with a bit of luck, IWGVT papers can be retrieved from my web-site


Papers there are in Word 6 or RTF format. I hope to translate to Acrobat format
in the near future and thoroughly recommend this to anyone who hasn't tried it.
The great advantage over HTML is that it preserves formatting and pagination;
rather vital if you want to web-cite.

Papers on the above site do not currently include the abstracts, session lists
and author contact co-ordinates which are more easily obtained from econ-value.

I hope this is a bit more convenient than econ-value for those who have access
to web browsers, which generally speaking needs a bit of work to decode. However
everything on the web-site, is also on econ-value

Many thanks to everyone and apologies to OPE that the work of organising
the conference has kept me away from the discussion. Hope to get back soon.

Best wishes to all

PS 1 please mail me direct if you encounter any problems downloading or reading
the papers on this site.

PS 2 to the (several!) people who have asked if it is too late to send me their
paper, the answer is that it is never too late; if you send it me now it will go
on the website but I won't be able to post it out hardcopy (that was done today
for Europe, Asia, Africa; the Americas should follow soon). However, if you pick
up the addresses from the econ-value site, you can mail it yourself to the
participants in your session. Incidentally the above also applies to anyone not
formally presenting, who nevertheless wishes to circulate comments. Our tradition
(happy first birthday, tradition) is that we advise chairs to prioritise those who have
circulated discussion papers, in the post-presentation discussion. However with
many four-paper sessions, time might be squeezed. But discussion and comments
do get read, in my experience.

I can in principle post broader discussion/comments on the website (within reason!!!) but
give me a break, I'd like to say something on OPE one of these days...