[OPE-L:4351] Re: another Mandel vs. Baran-Sweezy

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Tue, 11 Mar 1997 05:06:22 -0800 (PST)

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Alejandro V-B:

> > 2. The rate of surplus value has a limit: if you write s=s/(s+v) the
> > limit is 1.

Mike L (in ope-l 4335):

> I prefer to write the rate of surplus value as Marx did (s/v); remember,
> formulae are not neutral. Written this way, there is no limit to s/v in the
> sphere of production as productivity increases; we can say (as Marx did in
> the Grundrisse) that there is a limit to surplus labour per worker--- the
> workday.

Alejandro R asks:

Could you please clarify this? If I write s/v or s/(v+s) (in labor-
time terms) there IS a limit in the sphere of production, no matter
the hypothetical increasing in productivity. This is, I think, what
you say in the following phrase: If living labor (v+s) = 0, then
there is no surplus labor (in Marx's theory, not in Dimitriev's) and
then there is neither surplus value nor profit.

What is the Grundrisse's reference you are mentioning?


Alejandro Ramos M.