[OPE-L:4306] Re: Reorganizing ope-l

aramos@aramos.b (aramos@aramos.bo)
Fri, 7 Mar 1997 09:05:40 -0800 (PST)

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Paul Cs:

> as a result it is difficult to see that any substantive
> progress has been made.

Ale R.:
That is your personal opinion. I have made "substantive progress"
understanding a lot of things.

Paul Cs:
> We have subscribed to the list
> a population containing people who consider themselves
> experts on the interpretation of Marxs Capital, and who have
> fairly fixed opinions as to how this is best interpreted.

Ale R:
I hope not to be in this "expert list". I can assure you that I have
a lot of questions on Marx's Capital and a way to discuss them is
ope-l. I am very far from an "expert".

Paul Cs:
> Such a situation makes for endless controversy,

Ale R:
I am very sorry if I have bothered you with this "endless
controversy". Perhaps you would prefer a world without controversies
but this is not necessarily the way other people think.

Paul Cs:
> which
> whilst diverting and entertaining at times, was not,
> I recall the original intention in setting up the list.

Well, maybe the "original intention" of the list has been in practice
modified by people. What is wrong with this? On the other hand, this
does not "ban" that if you what to discuss Book 4, you can do
that. I would be very happy to read your posts about the topics you
are suggesting. I will try to colaborate with you on this, but I do
not understand why, if I want to discuss on Book 1, I should be
"banned". Instead of "banning" us, you should try to convince us
about the importance of your topics, your "socialist perspective"
etc. etc.

Alejandro Ramos M.