[OPE-L:4299] Re: Reorganizing ope-l

Paul Cockshot (wpc@cs.strath.ac.uk)
Fri, 7 Mar 1997 07:22:18 -0800 (PST)

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I am glad for your vote of confidence in my
impartiality as a moderator, however pressure of time
is likely to make it impossible for me to vet every
posting for relevance.

A more practical scheme might be to split the
list into two, one covering issues in political
economy that are not covered in Marx's Capital,
and a second one devoted to a discussion of the
interpretation and history of Marx's Capital.

The objective of producing an outline of politcal
economy from a socialist perspective is quite distinct
from a discussion of Marx's writings. For the two
years or so that ope has been in existence, the first
aim has been overwhelmingly subordinated to the second,
and, as a result it is difficult to see that any substantive
progress has been made. We have subscribed to the list
a population containing people who consider themselves
experts on the interpretation of Marx's Capital, and who have
fairly fixed opinions as to how this is best interpreted.
Such a situation makes for endless controversy, which
whilst diverting and entertaining at times, was not,
I recall the original intention in setting up the list.

> From: aramos@aramos.bo
> To: Multiple recipients of list <ope-l@anthrax.ecst.csuchico.edu>
> Subject: [OPE-L:4297] Re: Reorganizing ope-l
> Date: 07 March 1997 13:42
> In ope-l 4296, Paul Cs wrote:
> > I think Gerrys attempts to get us to focus on
> > what was the original intention of this group -
> > developing an outline of political economy are laudible.
> >
> > How about banning all further discussion on topics
> > that are already covered in Capital and restricting
> > discussion to topics that are not covered:
> > the world market
> > international capital movements
> > international transfers of profits and interest
> > the role of the state in credit
> > taxation
> > the role of state labour in the economy
> > population
> I propose that, from now on, we FIRSLY send our posts to Paul
> so that he decides "what is covered" and "what is not covered in
> Capital". (I assume that we can discuss what "is covered" in
> another Marx's books, like Contribution, or Theories...) Then, he
> could forward only what is relevant for the list. This would save us a
> lot of reading.
> Hope we can vote soon about this practical reorganization of ope-l!!
> BTW, I worked for 1 year in a research center on international
> economics in La Habana, Cuba. In this --supposedly "highly
> controlled" academic place, with a lot of "hard-line Stalinists"--
> I NEVER HEARD a proposal like Paul's!!
> Alejandro Ramos M.
> 7.3.97