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> Welcome back, Michael,
> 1. Are the 3 notebooks on the economic crisis of 1857 to
> which you refer part of the (I think 23) notebooks on
> economics of the 1850's?

Thanks, John. I'm afraid I don't know the answer to your question. Kevin's
note referred to 3 thick noteboooks on 1857 that Riazanov had mentioned. I
suspect these were separate, but don't know and also don't know if these are
slated to be published included in the 32 volumes that MEGA2 will be
bringing out on the excerpt notebooks. Does anyone know?

> 2. At the end of your post you mention that you wonder why Marx
> begins Vol III with cost price? I have no answer but am curious
> if you thought of any altenative concepts that should lead off
> the volume. Marx descibes the various parts of Vol III in a
> letter to Engels dated 04/30/1868.

I know Marx's letter. What Marx indicates there is that the category,
cost-price, is an important new one and that it must precede profit;
however, that doesn't explain why it starts the volume. What's the logic of
that? We know the order of categories is pretty critical for Marx.
Because this question has mildly intrigued me, I have mused about an
alternative starting point but hesitate to just jump in with grand
declarations (so soon after returning). So, in the tradition of past
exchanges, let me pose this as a QUIZ. (Unlike previous posers, however, I
make no pretence to possessing the TRUTH.)

1. What is the reason (the logical basis) for beginning Vol. III with the
category of cost-price?
2. If you can find no logical basis for that starting point, what
alternatives suggest themselves?
3. If you do favour an alternative starting point, what if any implications
are there?

happy thinking,
> John
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