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Maastricht University
Thursday, 16 October 1997

One hundred twenty years ago in 1877, the Berlin Faculty revoked Eugen
Duehring's licence to teach (venia legendi) trying to silence the blind
economist and philosopher. A conference will be held at Maastricht
University on Thursday, 16 October 1997 in order to discuss not only
Duehring's work, but also broader issues of academic freedom.
Contributions are invited that should be either on Duehring's work or on
issues of academic freedom more generally, and then preferably in a law
and economics perspective.

Prof. Dr. Juergen G. Backhaus
Maastricht University
P.O. Box 616
6200 MD Maastricht
The Netherlands
tel: +31-43-3883652/3636
fax: +31-43-3258440
email: f.schijlen@algec.unimaas.nl

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