[OPE-L:3818] Rieu Dong-Min

Gerald Lev (glevy@pratt.edu)
Thu, 12 Dec 1996 03:31:16 -0800 (PST)

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Rieu Dong-Min, from South Korea, has joined our list.

Rieu received his PhD from Seoul National University in 1994. The
translated title of his dissertation (originally written in Korean) is:
"A study on the logical consistency and the analytical implication of the
labour theory of value,"(August, 1994, submitted to Graduate School of
Seoul National University).

He is now preparing some papers for publication in English and has already
published in Korean including a contribution to the book "A controversy
on value theory" which was written by a number of Marxian economists in

His research interests include value theory and a theoretical analysis of
Korean conglomerate groups (so-called "Jaebul"). He also plans to
reformulate the theory of corporate governance in the literature of
Marxian analysis of capitalist labour process.

He recently attended the _Rethinking Marxism_ conference in Amherst so
many listmembers may have already met Rieu.

Rieu: welcome aboard!

In solidarity, Jerry