[OPE-L:3763] Re: Generators and attractors

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Mon, 2 Dec 1996 13:22:01 -0800 (PST)

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Dear Paul:

In 3762 you wrote:

> I suspect that there exists at least one other such generator -
> Price of production theory. But as we start working
> through second and third order correction
> functions we soon arrive at the point where we can make
> no further improvement in our predictions, at this
> point, with respect to the available information
> the residual errors in predicted prices are Kolmogorov
> random.

This reminds me that some days ago I did want to ask you if
your whole scenario with the Mathematics of Chaos could be
applied to "the theory of production price" instead of the
Tugan's "labor-values". So, we would have another version
of the "centers of gravity"'s metaphor. I dont remember
where (V.III, Ch. 10?), but Marx says that, "now" (at this
stage of the presentation) production prices become the
"centers of gravity" of market prices, instead of values.

Could you explain more your above statement? Is it possible
(or not) to conceive the "price of production" as such
"generator"? Is "production price" one "second... order
correction function"? Could "production price" be the
"attractor" of market prices? Why would the statistical
results using "Tugan's values" be better than that using
"production prices"?

I suspect that if that (changing Tugan's values for
production prices) is possible, our differences became
zero. That is: Market prices are effectively "plenty of
noise" (Marx's "bad/good harvests"), but they have a
"center of gravity"/attractor. After Vol. III, Section 2
this "attractor" is "production price", not value. In your
model ("against" my OPE-L 3705) you have "market prices"
and "Tugan's values". Why not "production prices"?

Alejandro Ramos