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Chai-on Le (conlee@chonnam.chonnam.ac.kr)
Sun, 1 Dec 1996 22:41:18 -0800 (PST)

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Dear comrades,

>From Hegel's Logic (Clarendon Press, 1975, pp 260-274), I could extract
three kinds of change.
(1) Mechanical change (2) Chemical change (3) Teleological (Biological) change.
In (1) and (2), both form and content can change but the substance cannot
change. In (3), however, even the substance can change. But the substantial
change is indicated as "life" and "death". The path of teleological changes
pertains to the area of the genetic engineering.

If the transformation of value into price is to be a substantial change, if
the two are disconnected, it would be of a non-sense to say either "total
price=total value" or "total surplus value=total profit" or both.


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