[OPE-L:3683] Jerry: Clarification on OPE-L rules

aramos@aramos.b (aramos@aramos.bo)
Mon, 18 Nov 1996 13:12:06 -0800 (PST)

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Dear Jerry:

In OPE-L 3682, Paul Cockshott wrote:

> I tend to think that considerably more progress would be
> made towards answering some of the politically
> important issues raised by Gerry if we paid more
> attention to what Riccardo has been doing and spent
> less time discussing differing interpretations of value
> theory.

This statement has concerned me very much, and I need some
clarification about OPE-L rules.

As you can read, Paul clearly mentions "some politically
important issues raised by Gerry" (I guess you are
"Gerry"). I learn from this that OPE-L has some issues
considered "politically important" to discuss and that, in
fact, these points set some "rules" according to which our
discussions should be directed.

Actually, I ignore completely what are these "issues
politically important" and thus, I kindly ask you to
forward me this document. Only if my own interests
regarding these matters meet these issues, I will continue
my participation in OPE-L. Otherwise, I would feel that
what I am doing is to "spend the time" of other people in
discussions which are not relevant for them.

I wish to underline that Paul uses the personal pronoun
"we" in his piece, but it is not clear to me to whom is he
referring: Paul? Paul and Gerry? OPE-L as a whole?

Perhaps this is the occasion to say that, it makes a lot of
sense to me to spend "time discussing differing interpreta-
tions of value theory", and that I need this work of
discussion and confrontation. But, now, it is not clear to
me if there is room for this in OPE-L.

All this is very strange for me because, just this morning,
I received a worthy reply to my OPE-L 3673 written by Paul
himself (see OPE-L 3678), and in this message he certainly
discusses "differing interpretations of value theory".

Lastly, I agree with Paul that Riccardo's work is very
important. In fact, all the things written by him, which I
have read, have been illuminating for me. Unfortunately, I
do not what are exactly the writings mentioned by Paul.
Could you kindly forward me this material?

In solidarity,
Alejandro Ramos