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Stavros Mavroudea (mavro@ath.forthnet.gr)
Mon, 11 Nov 1996 01:03:53 -0800 (PST)

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Question #1:

-- Whatever happened to GEORGIOS STAMATIS?

[Georgios Stamatis was the author of _Die 'spezifisch kapitalistischen'
Produktionsmethoden und der tendenzielle Fall der allemeinen
Profitrate bei Karl Marx_ (Berlin, Mehwert, 1977) as well as many
articles on related topics and was the editor of the journal _Hefte
fur Politische Okonomie_].


1) is he alive?
2) is he still a Marxist?
3) where is he living and what is his address (including e-mail
address if applicable)?
4) what happened to the journal _Hefte fur Politischen Okonomie_? [The
last issue I have is #3 from 1981].

In solidarity,


1) Yes, G.Stamatis is alive and he is teaching Political Economy at Panteion
University, Athens, Greece.
2) Yes, he is still a Marxist.
3) As far as I know he does not have an e-mail address. His home address is:
G. Stamatis
10a, Kountouriotou St.
Papagou, Athens
tel: +30 +1 -6528762

His work address is:
Professor G.Stamatis
Panteion University
Leof. Syngrou 136
176-71 Athens
4) I must admit that I have not the faintest idea about the journal.
However, George Stamatis is the editor of a journal called "Issues in
Political Economy" (published in Greek).

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