[OPE-L:3647] the whatever happened to [...] quiz

Gerald Lev (glevy@pratt.edu)
Sun, 10 Nov 1996 07:02:44 -0800 (PST)

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(1) Whoever answers the following question gets to ask another "whatever
happened to" question.

(2) The person asking the question can not know the answer.

(3) Questions can take the form of asking about individuals, publications,
or organizations.

(4) The quiz continues until either: a) no one can answer a question; or
b) the person correctly answering a quiz question doesn't have another

Question #1:

-- Whatever happened to GEORGIOS STAMATIS?

[Georgios Stamatis was the author of _Die 'spezifisch kapitalistischen'
Produktionsmethoden und der tendenzielle Fall der allemeinen
Profitrate bei Karl Marx_ (Berlin, Mehwert, 1977) as well as many
articles on related topics and was the editor of the journal _Hefte
fur Politische Okonomie_].


1) is he alive?
2) is he still a Marxist?
3) where is he living and what is his address (including e-mail
address if applicable)?
4) what happened to the journal _Hefte fur Politischen Okonomie_? [The
last issue I have is #3 from 1981].

In solidarity,