[OPE-L:3586] Re: [Alejandro Ramos] Evidence for the "single-system" interpretation

Allin Cottrell (cottrell@wfu.edu)
Sun, 3 Nov 1996 17:18:05 -0800 (PST)

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On Sun, 3 Nov 1996, andrew kliman wrote (citing Alejandro

> ** If you consider that this (or some parts of this) is relevant
> for OPE-L, I will be very happy if you post it there. In this
> case, I ask you to correct my deficient personal usage of English
> language...

> ... It is true that Engels suppressed
> the passage where we have the "non-dualistic" definitions of
> value and production price...

As Andrew notes, Alejandro's English is very clear. But I
wonder if this might be a "linguistic" matter: it seems to
me very odd to speal of Engels' "suppressing" this or that
aspect of Marx's thought. Of course, it fell to Engels to
present to the world, in as coherent a form as he could,
those parts of Capital which Marx did not live to complete,
and which Marx left in the form of a mass of notes. Engels
became Marx's editor not by choice but by necessity. It
might therefore be less prejudicial, and more appropriate,
to speak of his "omitting" rather than "suppressing" this or
that passage from Marx's notes.

Allin Cottrell