[OPE-L:3522] Abelardo Flores Marina

Gerald Lev (glevy@pratt.edu)
Thu, 24 Oct 1996 19:23:59 -0700 (PDT)

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Abelardo Marina, professor at Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana in
Mexico, is our newest member.

I asked Abelardo if there was any information about himself and his work
that he wished to share with us. He wrote:


I have spent the past days reviewing the material you sent me (by the
way, very much thanks). One thing I can say: It's quite amazing the
intensity of the discussions (a large number of posts). It will take
some time for me to "catch up" on them; i'll hurry because the
subjects under debate are, in general, of great interest for me.

About me:
1. My last name is not Marino, but Marina; (well, not
exactly, because instead of an "n" my last name is written with that
spanish letter with a little hat (~) that goes after "n" and that almost
disappeared from all computers a couple of years ago (it
certainly disappeared from my e-mail word processor). Born in 1960.
2. I'm an economist: Undergraduate, Master (finishing my thesis), and,
now, Doctorate (where I met Fred). I'm professor at Universidad Autonoma
Metropolitana, Campus Azcapotzalco ("place where the ants live"). I
have been in charge of courses of Political Economy, Mexican Economic
Structure, Labor Economics, and Economic Sciences` Methodologies.
3. As you can see, my academic interests are broad. I have several
research topics, which I (try to) investigate theorically and empirically
(with information of the Mexican Economy):
i) "Transformation" of values to prices of production and to market
prices (the "debate").
ii) Business cycles and long waves (trying to develop their
theoretical linkage).
iii) Wages and Employment (determination of general levels and
sectorial structures in Mexican Economy).
iv) Changes in Mexican Industrial structures (with an input-output
v) Productivity, competitivity and profitability (both
theorically and empirically).
4. Besides academic activity, I have a permanent interest in labor
relations: I have had some appointments in my University's Labor Union
and a lot of experience (from differente positions) in several strikes.
Well, I think that's about all. I'm eager to interact and,
consequently, learn from all of you.


By the way, my University's server gives for my e-mail a short (local)
automatic address (abmf@uam.mx), while my complete address is
abmf@hp9000.uam.mx. I suspect this can generate problems for my
connection with OPE-L.


[On that last point, I subscribed you to both addresses. Please contact me
if you do not receive OPE-L posts].

Abelardo: Welcome aboard!

In Solidarity,