[OPE-L:3420] Re: TSS and Tech Change

Duncan K. Fole (dkf2@columbia.edu)
Tue, 15 Oct 1996 09:40:54 -0700 (PDT)

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>In reply to Duncan's ope-l 3381:
>Measurement difficulties notwithstanding, my point was that rises in the
>technical and organic compositions of capital are perfectly compatible with
>"capital-saving" technical change, once value is conceived as temporally and
>not simultaneously determined.

I can see why you believe this, given the way you calculate price and
profit rate paths with technical change. As you know, I remain unconvinced
that this method is relevant to the problems I think Marx was trying to

>Hence, although Marx clearly did think that
>technical change is generally of the TCC/OCC-increasing variety in capitalism,
>this cannot be taken as evidence that he thought technical change is
>"capital-using." Nor does there seem to be any other evidence that he thought

Do you take the increasing composition of capital to be purely a price
effect in Marx? I think he also, like most 19th century observers, was
extremely struck by the enormous increase in the means of production set in
motion be individual workers.


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