[OPE-L:3384] Re: TSS and Tech Change

John Ernst (ernst@usa.pipeline.com)
Sun, 13 Oct 1996 09:30:06 -0700 (PDT)

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Andrew, in OPE-3377, writes:
I'm getting confused. It seems that John agrees with Duncan concerning the

interpretation of certain passages in _Capital_ about which I thought there

was disagreement. Could one of you please explain this?

John says:

I'm confused as well. Rather than simply ask Duncan to what
passage(s) in CAPITAL I referred, I, like you, decided to
search. Alas, I have produced nothing. Hence, Duncan, can you
clear this up?

At any rate, I'm in basic agreement with Andrew that given the
typical interpretation of value, an increase in c/(v+s) is often
taken to mean an increase in the constant capital to output ratio.
As I have stated previously, few have seen anything like this on
the micro level in the period of modern or large-scale industry.
By imputing this idea to Marx, one must not only ignore Marx's
own statements but also make Marx a modern day Rube Goldberg.
On the other hand, assuming there is data to support the notion
of an increasing constant capital to output ratio on the macro
level using simultaneous valuation of inputs and outputs, then
both TSS and simultaneous approaches to valuation have to find
ways of explaining this result on the micro level.