[OPE-L:3175] LOV and Money

JERRY LEVY (jlevy@sescva.esc.edu)
Sun, 29 Sep 1996 04:12:49 -0700 (PDT)

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A couple of quick comments on John's [OPE-L:3174]:

* The question of whether it is appropriate to assume a constant value
of money within a production period given the subject that is being
examined seems to be emerging as one of the key bones of contention.

a) could John and Fred and others state clearly why they believe
that the value of money should or should not be assumed to be
constant initially (and the implications of that assumption)?

b) why couldn't TSS and other interpretations develop *two* sets of
numerical illustrations -- one set assuming a constant value of
money and one set which does not? It might then be interesting
to compare the results.

* [A variation on a question that his been asked in many different
cultures throughout the millenia]: What is LOV? ... and ... How do
we find LOV? Eaarly on in OPE-L history, we asked the first
question. As I recall, John resisted defining LOV. If we don't know
what LOV is, how do we know, as John seems to suggest, that we will
be able to find the meaning of LOV? Before I go searching for LOV
I'd like to have a better idea of what we are searching for.

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