[OPE-L:3161] [Simon Mohun] RE: Value added, IVA and TSS

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Fri, 27 Sep 1996 06:06:02 -0700 (PDT)

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What follows was meant by Simon to be read by the whole list. I'm reposting
it because ope-l hasn't yet sent it to me. ---Andrew Kliman

From: S.Mohun
Sent: Friday, September 27, 1996 5:49 AM
To: andrew kliman
Subject: RE: [OPE-L:3141] RE: Value added, IVA and TSS

>A reply to Simon's ope-l 3141:
>Simon wrote:
>"I have two queries of (orthodox/heterodox) TSS advocates.
>"In a multi-commodity world
>1. Is the value equation still written as above (but in matrix algebra)? I
>seem to remember that I have seen it as
>v(t) = p(t-1)A(t) + l(t)
>2. Could someone put timescripts on the input-output equation x = Ax + y?"
>The answer to 1. is that what you remember is correct. In the one-commodity
>case, p(t-1) = v(t-1). I should mention that there is no unanimity
>value transfer of fixed capital among us, so there's no general agreement at
>this point that the above is correct if there's fixed capital.
>With respect to 2, I'm not sure. Are you referring to a theoretical equation

>or the tables?

Thanks for the reply. Wrt 2, I should have been clearer. But since Andrew K
has raised it, both the theoretical equation and the tables, please.

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