[OPE-L:3072] Clarification/Apology in re ope-l 3068, ope-l 3069

andrew kliman (Andrew_Kliman@msn.com)
Sat, 21 Sep 1996 10:16:32 -0700 (PDT)

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I botched things. I'm sorry. I sent off the post that you've received twice,
as ope-l 3068 and ope-l 3069, without editing it properly. I meant to delete
the half-finished sentences and stuff that followed my signature, but forgot
to do so.

One thing that shouldn't have been there was Jerry's quotation from an earlier
post of mine, followed by my comment "For someone who felt the need to point
out that I omitted 'all three volumes' from the end of a quotation from Tony
Smithit so important need to quote in context was so important how would you
like it if I chopped up your post." My initial reaction was that Jerry had
distorted my meaning, but when I reread my post and his comments and thought
more about its, I concluded that I had been wrong about that. He quoted me an
a fair and appropriate manner. I thus intended to delete this sentence-oid,
but forgot to do so. I think Jerry was fully justified in taking issue with
it, and I apologize to him for the unintentional and unfair slur.

I wasn't satisfied with the wording of another fragment -- "of your objections
And let's really discuss concretely *why* Marx made this 'assumption,' even
though it isn't 'realistic'" - and so I rewrote it in a different form in the
earlier part of my post. I intended to delete this fragment, but forgot.

One partial paragraph, which began "economists do not behave as Duncan
asserts" and ended with "staving off facing the issues, not a way of
engaging in scientific discourse" was written by *Alan*, in his "Okishio 5 of
4" (ope-l 3031). I can't take credit (or blame) for it. I do not wish to
take sides concerning how economists behave; I don't have enough experience to
draw a firm conclusion. I imported this passage into my document in order to
refer to it as I was writing, and perhaps to quote from it. I decided not to,
but ended up doing so.

I also want to refer to the substance of Jerry's reply to my *intended*
remarks, the stuff up through my signature, but to avoid confusing things
further, I'll do so in a separate post.

Andrew Kliman

(no, that really was the end)