[OPE-L:3029] Systematic Dialectics (re OPE-l:3028)

Michael Williams (100417.2625@compuserve.com)
Sun, 15 Sep 1996 13:21:40 -0700 (PDT)

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I appreciate the patience with which you are awaiting my response on this topic.
I am afraid that I am also waiting - impatiently - space in my schedule to make
this response, as well as a variety of other interventions in OPE-L which
deserve my attention. Don't call me, I'll call you ... .

RE a similar chivvying in Jerry's OPE-L:3027: I will respond 'eventually', but
if it is a contribution as to whether CAPITAL can be interpreted as systematic
dialectics that is awaited, don't hold your breath. My response will be
concerned with systematic dialectics as the method for contemporary
Hegelian-Marxist critical political economy. Reference to what Marx himself was
up to, or how his work might be re-constructed is a secondary concern for me.
And both Marx's and Marxist ECONOMICS is even lower down my TODO list, I'm
Dr Michael Williams
"Books are Weapons"