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Thu, 12 Sep 1996 05:36:50 -0700 (PDT)

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Dear OPE-L members,

next february, in Marseille (France) it will be held the 1997
European Society of History of Economic Thought [ESHET], 27 february-2
march, whose President is Luigi L. Pasinetti; the organizer are Jean Rosio
and Bertram Schefold. There will be a Thematic Session on Keynesianism
before and after Keynes (which is already fully booked with more than 150
communications). Though the official deadline was July 20, I wrote to the
local organizer to know if there was still time o present proposals. Jean
Rosio answered that there is still some (though not very much) time to send
asbtract proposals for the open sessions. The Organizing Committee meets
the 29th of September.

Rosio suggested the possibility I organize a complete session (3,4
or 6 papers), and he seems very interested about that. Hence, I'm thinking
about the chance to have a session on Marx (and surroundings) - last year,
at an analogous meeting (though not of the ESHET, this is the first one)
there were only two papers about Marx, one (very good) by Geert Reuten, and
the other by Riccardo Faucci - I presented a paper on that reactionary, and
franfly boring, Austrian, von Mises; probably you know already I'm a
strange guy.

This chance is the reason why I mail this post to the OPE-L people.
IF some of you is interested to come to Marseille, please send me as soon
as possible a title, an abstract (500-700 words), your affiliation and
addresses, not later than the 19th of September.

Please, let me know


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