[OPE-L:2984] Re: 160+ panels at Rethinking Marxism conference!

Stephen Cullenberg (Stephen.Cullenberg@ucr.edu)
Sat, 7 Sep 1996 17:26:23 -0700 (PDT)

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>Steve -- do you think there are any panels that some OPE-Lers might be
>especially interested in attending? [Who knows: maybe you might be able to
>convince some of us to go].

I assume that just because most ope-l members are economists that they are
interested in a wide range of ideas dealing with Marxism and related topics
like feminism, race and ethnicity, literary theory, third world socialism,
performance politics, queer theory, postcolonialism, development, etc., and
that's all on the program....

There will be a good dose of political economy there too. Makato Itoh is
coming over from Japan. Alan Freeman is organizing a number of sessions
with Andrew Kliman and Bruce Roberts, as well as others. I would hope that
more ope-l members would organize sessions or give papers. Jim Crtoty,
Jerry Epstein , Will Milberg and I will do stuff on globalization, as will
others. The deadline for submissions was extended to September 30 to
accomodate those coming back from summer vacations. Couldn't there be a
session simply on ope-l? Could be called "Debating Marxism on the Net".
Might make a nice roundtable. If anyone is interested in sending a
proposal, just send it to me.

Our plenaries are the following (we don't have final titles):

Jack Amariglio, Sandra Harding and one other discussing postmodernism,
Marxism and politics, playing off of some of the broader issues coming out
of the Sokal affair, but not dealing with Sokal and Social text itself

Cornel West and Etienne Balibar on Race

Robbie McCauley on the Politics of Performance (she is a well known
performance artist herself)

Arturo Escobar and Roger Burbach on new forms of socialisms in the Third World
(David Harvey was going to be on this panel until his recent heart attack.
He's alright, but shouldn't travel this Fall).

Judith Butler, Wendy Brown and Wahneema Lubiano on a topic to be determined

And, a closing plenary on politics towards 2000, still in formation, but we
are thinking of New party, etc.,

The conference begins on Thursday afternoon, December 5, and ends on Sunday
mid-day, December 8.

For more info, you might want to check the conference web page, which is
actually pretty good, if I don't say so myself. Its address is

There are links to Rethinking Marxism there, which is the sponsor for the


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