[OPE-L:2936] THIS MONTH IN REVIEW [August, 1996]

Gerald Lev (glevy@pratt.edu)
Sat, 31 Aug 1996 08:24:56 -0700 (PDT)

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We now have 41 subscribers. So far, 20 subscribers wrote posts this month,
which began with OPE-L #2779.


By far the thread that we discussed at greatest length, even though it
began near the end of the month (on 8/25), was:

* Value of labour power and real wage [arose out of thread on Okishio;
also includes "defining real wages"] (-66- posts).

Some other threads that we also discussed in depth included:

* Okishio Theorem [related to FRP; included memorable multi-part
series from Duncan {2886-88} and Alan {2912-14}; includes "The
Falling Equilibrium Rate of Profit" and "The tendency of rain to
fall"] (-20- posts);

* Socialism + planning [arose out of abstract labor thread in July]
(-14- posts);

* Zapatista's encuentro [began with Fred's #2793 on 8/5] (-9- posts);

Other topics discussed included:

* Assumptions [continued from May-July] (-5- posts);
* social labor vs. socially necessary labor [began late July] (-5-
* "basic concepts and method" and alternative conceptions of the world
market (-5- posts);
* Mattick and abstract labor [arose out of abstract labor thread from
previous months] (-4- posts);
* "books are weapons" [concerns Mike W's slogan; see his #2791];
* About Capital Reading ML [a report by Iwao in #2819 on his reading
*Capital* list in Japanese];
* Self-acting subject [arose out of abstract labor thread; concerns
* Pauperism, GLCA, AGLCA, IRA, etc.
* Taylorism and scientific management [arose out of "value of labor
power and real wages" thread].
* Continuous technical change?

In addition, an explanation for the birth of what became OPE-L was given
in my 5-part series called:

* "CONCEPTION DAY" (see #s 2794-2798 from 8/6).

II. An Outstanding Issue

* The CAP-L seminar on depreciation has been postponed, but will
happen. Details, hopefully, will be forthcoming shortly.

OVERALL, August *began very slowly* (a total of 63 posts were written
from August 1-25, 47 of which were written between before the 22nd), but
*ended with a flurry* (the numbers began to skyrocket on 8/26 when 31
posts were written; 76 posts were written between August 26-28). In a
sense, one could say that the doldrums of Summer ended with "Hurricane
Value of Labor Power and Real Wage", whose strong winds raced through the
list on 8/26. As September and the Fall begins, I anticipate posts/month
and participation rates will rise significantly above the average #s for
the Summer.

In OPE-L Solidarity,