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Paul C asked in [OPE-L:2272]:

> Do you mean that they published a Chinese edition of the Collected Works?
> They certainly never published foreign language editions. The Greek CP
> published english editions of the Stalin Collected Works during the 1970s,
> and was as far as I know the only publisher of them in english other than
> the original Moscow edition. The Moscow edition had only got to volume 13
> when Kruschev stopped publication. Volumes 14 and 15 were published by
> an american university publisher - I think it was Harvard.

I thought that Stalin's _Collected Works_ were published in China in
various languages, including English, following the decision by Foreign
Languages Publishing House in Moscow not to continue to print works by
Stalin. You may be factually correct, however, and since I don't have the
time to investigate this question further now I am willing to concede the
point. In so concededing I want to reinterate a point I made before: Mao
identified politically and uncritically with Stalin: the "great patriotic
hero of the Soviet Union." As far as I now, most Maoists continue to
defend Stalin. And, if you are interested in buying Stalin's _Collected
Works_, I know of at least a couple of Maoist bookstores in NYC where it
is on sale.

> What evidence do you have that they were written by somebody else, and
> if so who was it?

I thought that was generally acknowledged by most critical biographers of
Stalin. It shouldn't come as any particular surprise that most of his
writings were ghostwritten since he wasn't exactly an outstanding or
profound theoritician (although, perhaps, he wasn't quite the
illiterate country bumpkin that Trotsky made him out to be).

Paul ... you are not politically identifying with and defending Stalin,
are you?

In OPE-L Solidarity,