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Fred Moseley (fmoseley@laneta.apc.org)
Sat, 20 Jul 1996 18:25:30 -0700 (PDT)

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Dear friends,

This is to let everybody know that I will be in Mexico for another year and
that I will be mostly off the list for the next six weeks or so. I was
recently offered a visiting position at the Metropolitan University of
Mexico City for next year and I have decided to accept it (last year I
taught at the National University). It is an exciting opportunity for me.
I will have a chance to work with a research group to derive estimates of
the rate of profit and related Marxian variables for the Mexican economy. I
will also have a chance to work with Enrique Dussel, a very interesting
Marxist philosopher who has written (in Spanish) a path-breaking trilogy on
Marx's economic manuscripts. (Dussel's third book in the trilogy is about
Marx's economic manuscripts after 1863, some of which have not yet been
published even in the MEGA; Dussel went to Amsterdam and read the
manuscripts in Marx's handwriting!)

Next week, I will go to Chaipas to attend the Zapatista conference against
neoliberalism. I will present a paper called "The Falling Rate of Profit
and the Accumulation of Misery". After Chaipas, we will go to the U.S. for
a visit until the middle of September and then return to Mexico. I will be
able to check my email occasionally, but will not be a regular participant
during that time. I look forward to rejoining the discussion in the Fall.