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Fri, 19 Jul 1996 21:07:49 -0700 (PDT)

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On Michael's 2644: I'm having difficulty with my computer so I have not
been able to respond to your post last week. Sorry for the delay and
possible future slowness in response. I 've noted that you are interested in
a systematic dialectical presentation of your ideas with great interest. Are
you aware of Hegel's own critique of "system" in (as I freely recall)
paragraph 573 of his Philosophy of Mind? He culminates a thread of his
critique of the method of "understanding" when he writes that system reduces
the dialectic to substance. Hegel differentiates his dialectic in the
Phenomenology's Preface as not only of substance but, most significantly, of
the development of Subject as well. This I think is also evident in his
concept of method in the introduction to the section on the ldea in the
Science of Logic where he writes of the totality as subject-object. All of
this crucial section on dialectic method has to do with the Idea of freedom
in the relation of theory to practice. I'd like to ask then for some
clariification on what you mean by "object-totality"? Is the concept of
subject external to your object-totality? Do you differentiate your concept
of totality from Hegel's? All this has a relevance for some of the
discussion of abstract labor which I will take up in other posts. I look
forward to more discussion with you.

Ted M.