[OPE-L:2642] Re: estimation of abstract labor

Michael Williams (100417.2625@compuserve.com)
Thu, 11 Jul 1996 17:10:32 -0700 (PDT)

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Jerry expresses an admirable aspiration:
What is going on here? No wonder people feel that their works are ignored
-- we haven't read them! Yesterday, Mike W admitted that he hadn't read
Tony's _The Logic of Marx's Capital_ book. Early on in OPE-L history we
had an exchange between Tony and Mike L in which each admitted that they
hadn't read each other's book. There are many other instances of this in
the OPE-L archives as well. Folks: we have to do better! Let's at least
agree as a matter of scholarship and OPE-L comradeship to make an earnest
effort to read each other's works.

Michael W:
However, from where I am sitting, it has an air of unreality. When I am not
spending time with my family, teaching, administrating, researching, writing,
sleeping, eating, etc., I am reading. But we all face a massive information
overload, even restricting ourselves to quality material closely related to a
few major specialisations. Consequently, I often feel free to discuss work with
which I may have only a secondary, fragmentary acquaintance, from conferences,
surveys, short papers, references in other work etc. But that's real life,

Comradely greetings,

Michael W