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Sorry to bother you again, but I thought you might be interested in this
as well. Did any of our Brazilian members attend this conference, I
wonder?/In solidarity, Jerry

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Date: Wed, 16 Jul 1997 14:23:42 ARG
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Subject: Latin American Conference of marxist magazines.

MAY 1997

The recent Latin American Conference of Marxist Magazines took place on May
1-4 in Florianopolis, Brazil. The meeting was a continuation of
interchange and joint work begun in May 1995 in Santa Maria, Brazil, where
an Interchange Protocol was begun among several marxist magazines from the
region. The second meeting took place in October 1995 in Rosario,
Argentina, and was attended by more than twenty publications from
Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. A third conference was held n May 1996,
along with a workshop on "Marxism and Capitalism Today: Modernity and
Crisis," organized by Alfaguara from Uruguay. At that time a call was
issued for the Florianopolis meeting, together with a workshop titled "80
Years after the Bolshevik Revolution: The Current State of the
Anti-Capitalist Struggle.

The meeting was organized by the Brazilian groups Praxis and Critica
Marxista, and the Centro de Filosofia y Ciencias Humanas de la Universidad
Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil, its Sociology, Politics, and History
departments, and its Center for the Study of Changes in the World Of Work
(Nucleo de Estudios de Transformaciones en el Mundo del Trabajo). The
meeting was sponsored by the Santa Catarina regional CUT, the PT/SC, the PC
do B, PCB and the unions APUFSC, SINERGIA, and the Doctors' Union of Santa

The meeting paid homage to the Brazilian educator Paulo Freire, who died at
that time, and issued a statement denouncing the murder of Argentinian
journalist Jose Luis Cabezas and demanding a thorough investigation of the

A theme was chosen for the 1998 meeting, "150 Years After the Communist
Manifesto." Argentinian magazines will investigate the possiblility of
holding the meeting in Buenos Aires, and will report back within two
months. A bi-lingual publication of the conference papers was also
planned, together with the prefaces from the earlier editions published in
the region.

The following magazines from Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay participated in
the conference or joined the list for interchange and communication:

* Trabajo y Capital, Uruguay, address in Brazil Guillermo Foladori
fola@cce.ufpr.br tel(041)26322913

* Periferias, Argentina, Av.Rivadavia 2358 5 'B' izq. (1034) Buenos Aires,
tel/fax (541)9543671/72 asambi@microtar.com.ar

* Principios, Brasil,R.Adomiran Barbosa 53,Bela Vista,Sao Pablo CEP
01318-020, agrincipios@ax.ibase.org.ar

* Critica Marxista, Brasil, A/C Prof. Caio Navarro de Toledo, IFCH, Dto. de
C.Politicas, Unicamp, 13081, Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brasil

* Revistas marxistas cubanas en Brasil, Ileana Hodge Limonta (Cuba), Rego
Freitas 501 ap 32, V. Buarque, Sao Pablo, CEP 0122-010, Brasil

* Alfaguara, Uruguay, Casilla de Correos 1616, CP 11000, Montevideo,
Uruguay, Telefono (5892)959141/558431, Fax (5892)964256

* Raizes, Brasil, Univ.Fed.Paraiba, CH, Mestrado en Sociologia, Av.Aprigio
Veloso 882, 58.109.970 Campina Gde. PB (083)3101051

* Doxa, Argentina, Maria A.Gutierrez, Cordoba 559 2 Piso (1414) Buenos
Aires, tel/fax (541)7725463, mariagut@clacso.edu.ar

* (nombre sin confirmar) El Cerebro de los Vivos, Argentina, Rivadavia 2358
5 izq.(1034) Buenos Aires, tel (541)9543673/7715463/9513416(Fax)

* Praxis, Brasil, Av.Alfonso Pena 748 sala 1613, Centro, Belo Horizonte, MG
(5531) 2222493 (lunes a viernes de tarde) rvpraxis@gold.com.br y

* Rev. del Centro de Estudios Cubanos Florestan Fernandez (en preparacion)
Jesuino Pascoal 51 Vila Buarque, Sao Pablo, CEP 01224050 (011)2229680, o
A/C Geraldo Pereira Barbosa, Rego Freitas 501 ap 52, Vila Buarque, Sao
Pablo, (011)6056378, g.barbosa@originet.com.br

The Conference recommends that magazines that do not have e-mail addresses
get them and communicate with other groups in the network. The magazine
PRAXIS has made its web page available to other network members:

The magazines at the Congress agreed to use the internet to distribute
summaries of each issue as soon as they are published.

Several member magazines were unable to attend. We have listed their
addresses, incomplete in some cases, and we ask them or people who are in
touch with them to contact us for the purpose of reestablishing
communication and receiving information about the recent and planned meetings.

* Critica de Nuesto Tiempo, Argentina, Casilla de Correo 3509, Correo
Central (1000) Buenos Aires

* La Marea, Argentina

* Apuntes del Mannana, Argentina, Piedras 989/95 (1070) Cap.Federal,
tel/fax 3311480

* Cuadernos de Debate, Brasil

* El Rodaballo, Argentina, Dean Funes 446 (1214) Buenos Aires, tel 93225533

* Praga, Brasil

* Cuadernos del Sur, Argentina, Casilla de Correos 167, 6b, (1406) Buenos

We extend this invitation to groups that participated in earlier
conferences or are in regular contact with this network.

* Salud Problema y Debate, Argentina, Terrada 237, 1406 C.Federal, tel/fax

* Teoria & Praxis, Brasil, Rua C 126, Qd 235 Nro 8 Jardim America Cep
74225, tel 287344/22946799 Goiana

* Brasil Revolucionario, Brasil

* Espacios, Ecuador, Casilla Postal 17107169 Quito, tel 506175

* Actuel Marx, Francia, CNRS, 19 Boulevard du Midi 92000 Nanterre, tel
(1)47245219 fax(1)469950351

* Le Marxisme Aujourd'hui, Belgica, BP 276 F 38407 St.Martin-d'Heres, Cedex

* Vientos del Sur, Apartado Postal 70176 Mexico 04510 DF, fax 6716873

* Against the Current, USA, 7012 Michigan Avenue, Detroit, MI 48210,
(313)84110180, fax (313) 8418884, cfc@igc.apc.org, Home page

* Papeles de la Fim, c/Alameda 5 2da izq, 28014 Madrid, tel 4201388 fax

* Alternatives Sud, Belgica, Av.Snt.Gertrude 5,B-1348 Louvaine-La-Neuve

Please send corrections, updates, and additions to any of the magazines in
the network, and also to the rotating secretary of the network, currently
the magazine Alfagura in Uruguay, or to the PRAXIS web page.