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Sun, 2 Jun 1996 19:08:42 -0700

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Alejandro Ramos, from Bolivia, is our latest subscriber. In the following
message to me he describes his situation:

Probably you can imagine how difficult it is to work on Marxian Economics in
the Third World (Bolivia is even beyond the "classical" Third World!!). The
isolation, the lack of bibliographical material, the impossibility to have a
job linked in some degree with these problems and, above all, the
difficulties to discuss daily with other people working on these problems
cause to me frequently states of depression. I think OPE-L is a way to
overcome all this. Currently I'm working on 3 issues: (a) A reworking of the
paper I presented in EEA Conference in Boston, dealing with the "monetary
expression of labor" (b) Okishio's "theorem" and (c) Marx's theory of money.
So I'm sure that, very soon, I'll be "plugged" with other discussants.

Alejandro: welcome aboard!

In OPE-L Solidarity,