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Alan asked about Eagly in [OPE-L:2325]:

The full citation for the book is:

-- Robert V. Eagly _The Structure of Classical Economic Policy_, NY,
Oxford University Press, 1974 [ISBN 0-19-501751-X], 142 pages (hardcover)

Summary of Contents:

1. Overview of the Analytic Structure of Classical Economic Theory

2. The Quesnaysian Revolution and the Birth of Classical Theory

3. The Basic Classical Model

4. The Analytical Role of Money in Classical Theory

Appendix to Ch. 4: The Thornton-Wicksell Theory of Credit Creation

5. Malthusian Aggregative Analysis: Critique of Say's Law

6. Business Fluctuations in the Classical System: Karl Marx's Real
Endogenous Cycle

7. Epilogue: The Close of the Classical System


It's been a long time since I read this one. It is a kind of contemporary
classic, though, on classical HET (and, I believe, was required reading
in a HET class offered by Bob Heilbroner at the New School many years ago).
Essentially, it attempts to formalize classical theories (in a way which I
have some sincere doubts about from the standpoint of accurately
representing the perspectives of cpe). I don't remember being impressed by
the chapter on Marx.

Another book of interest is:

-- Robert V. Eagly ed. _Events, Ideology & Economic Theory_, Detroit,
Wayne State University Press, 1968 (with essays by Eagly, Meek, William R.
Allen, Sweezy, Kenneth K. Kurihara, Spengler). The essay by Eagly is on
the Swedish and English Bullionist Controversies.


Eagly received his A.B. from the University of Michigan, M.A. from the
University of Washington, and Ph.D. from Rutgers University. He taught at
Wayne State, UMass, and was Visiting Professor at the University of
Illinois, the University of North Carolina, and SUNY-Binghampton (info
taken from dustjacket of his classical economic theory book).

I hope that helps.

In OPE-L Solidarity,