[OPE-L:2311] Any takers?

Gil Skillman (gskillman@wesleyan.edu)
Tue, 21 May 1996 15:20:51 -0700

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I've just finished a draft of the paper I'm presenting next month at the
History of Economics Society conference in Vancouver, entitled "Marx's
Historical-Materialist Theory of Profit." It traces, as far as I know for
the first time, Marx's account of the material and strategic basis of
capitalist exploitation across a decade of his writing in political economy,
including the Grundrisse, the Economic Manuscript of 1861-1863, the
Resultate, and the three volumes of Capital. Fellow OPErs can anticipate
the broad outline of the argument, but the paper goes into much more detail
than I've attempted in posts to this list. Needless to say the argument has
been extensively informed by our discussions over the past several months.

I'd like to send out copies of the paper for feedback before submitting it
to a journal. Michael P, Michael L, and Alan will get copies anyway because
they're on the same panel at the conference. If anyone else is interested,
please contact me directly at my e-mail address. Thanks in advance. In
solidarity, Gil