[OPE-L:2305] Re: TSS

Allin Cottrell (cottrell@wfu.edu)
Tue, 21 May 1996 07:41:53 -0700

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> Allin is right that my memory was rather hazy. With respect to pp.
> 264-65 of _Capital_ III, in which Marx distinguishes clearly between
> the cost-price of the commodity and the value of the means of production
> (and labor-power?] consumed in its production, I had written:
> "As to Allin's reinterpretation of pp. 264-65 of Vol. III, it doesn't
> work. The reason is that Marx doesn't have two systems of values and
> prices the way you [Allin] do."
> This is a crucial point, because Allin, Gil and Paul C. use Marx's state-
> ments that the value of a commodity is determined by the labor-time needed
> to reproduce it, or embodied in it, to argue that the TSS interpretation
> is inconsistent with Marx's value theory...

> Anyway, here is the actual sum and substance of Allin's reply to
> my point (from his ope-l 1110), quoted in full:
> "Begs the question. I offered a detailed reading of a specific passage
> that supported the "two systems" reading."

The "detailed reading" was in [1087], and I don't think that Andrew
offered a response of similar specificity.

> Interpretation is not a matter of taste; it must be able to account for
> the evidence.

Agreed. In my view, Andrew's reading does not do so. But since I am
unable to persuade him of that, I see no alternative to "agreeing
to disagree".