[OPE-L:2249] Modal Quiz

Alan Freeman (100042.617@compuserve.com)
Thu, 16 May 1996 10:36:25 -0700

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A new quiz:

(1) does the profit rate equalise?
(2) does Marx say the profit rate equalises?


(1)A new twist: participants must also say how they think other people
will answer. That is, how do you think Andrew will answer question 1,
how Bruce will answer question 2, etc. You must register your own vote
however, to be eligible

(2)The prize is awarded to the person who most accurately assesses the
actual answers of everyone else, i.e. manifests the greatest theoretical
understanding of other OPE members.

(3)The prize is to be allowed use of the appelation 'OPE-Guru' for
no more than one month.

(4)For assessment, actual answers will be mapped onto {YES; NO; SOMETHING
ELSE}. Participants will get 1 points for each correctly-guessed yes or
no, -1 for each incorrectly guessed yes or no, 0 points for each something
else whether wrong or right.

That is, you get points for correctly predicting definite answers and
penalised for wrongly predicting definite answers. The rest is for fun only.

(5)Answers to be posted to me [to stop people winning by waiting until everyone
else answers]. On Saturday May 25th I will post all the answers and the winner.

(6)If Paul declines to answer question (2) I am willing to double his marks for
question (1) in recompense.

(7)Answers may be given on behalf of dead people. Any attempt to vote by an
actual dead person will render the quiz null and probably void on the
grounds of excessive dogmatism.

Since it is not fair for the quizmaster to play I will register my votes

My guesses are provocative but not intentionally insulting. If I miss people
out it is because I don't want to risk scoring a negative point. They come in
no special order with one obvious but childish exception.

Does equalise Doesn't
Walras Andrew
Bortkiewicz Ted
Steedman Paul C
Ricardo Riccardo
Gerard Allin
Sraffa Marx
Pasinetti Alan
Debreu Kalecki
Samuelson Keynes
Sweezy Arrow
Dmitriev Steve
Tugan Gil
Bukharin John
Stalin Stalin
Mike W

Marx says Marx says it
it equalises doesn't
Bruce Andrew
Bortkiewicz Ted
Steedman Riccardo
Fred Alan
Gerard Kalecki
Sraffa Steve
Pasinetti Mike W
Dobb John
Sweezy Jerry
Stalin Stalin
Meek Bukharin
Simon Duncan